Arin Takes Us On A Love Tour With His “Anything” EP

Arin Reveals The Storytelling of Relationships And Its Confessions In Ep.

Alistair Gould is the real name of London-based artist, Arin. When he was 17, Arin began playing the guitar and has stuck to it since. He makes good music and expresses his emotions in his music. Apart from being an artist and a songwriter, Arin is a dancer, comedian, and into fashion. Arin is an Electro-pop artist and I would describe Arin as a humble artist who is down for anything musically related since he writes songs for his fellow artists. Arin is highly inspired by Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, and LANY. He hopes to perform his first gig as an artist on January 30th at The Finsbury Pub in London.


Arin’s latest oeuvre, themed “Anything” is his first project and he brought it to life on the 14th of January 2022. Though he is currently working on more songs to be released and some with other artists, Arin already feels proud of himself because he very much believes he has nurtured hard work and energy in this project of his. The six-song Ep titled “Anything” from Arin in his explanation to us is a pack of emotional stories being revealed. It is a combination of emotions he came up against in several relationships he has been into over the years. Arin believes the Ep in its sequence is his reactions to his relationships and how he thought and handled them. Though his audience sees the Ep as a compilation of love songs, Arin thinks each listener engages the six-song Ep differently because emotions and situations create different ideas about a story.

Arin together with his housemates, Hugo Shaw and Noah Simmonds worked on the project. Arin focused mainly on the writing while his housemates were on the production so basically this was put together as a group task. Here is the tracklist of “Anything” Ep. The project kicks off with ‘Obvious’ followed by ‘All I want 2 See’, ‘We Look So Good’, ‘Rome’ with ‘Anything’ as the fifth track and ends with ‘Polaroids, Vol 1 as the last track.

Arin assures his audience to expect more from him this year. But while waiting, “Anything” Ep is already on the internet and Arin must be shown, love. Listen to Ep with the link here.

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