Corey El Shell’s Down The Internet With His ‘Gold Soul’ Album

Corey El Takes Us Back To The Classics Of The 1970-the 90s With New Album.

To be precise, Corey El is an artist from the United States, Richmond, Virginia. Drawing inspiration from the funk/soul/r&b classics of the1970-90s, ‘Gold Soul’ is Corey’s current project. He released this album on the 17th of December 2021. The album is a 10 track with approximately a run time of 37 minutes. Corey wrote and produced this album with his dad, Carl Lester-El while he featured ‘The Fam’, a band-owned by the artist and formed officially by them in church and has played several shows together especially in their city and have toured together in Germany and Austria. Coming with different perspectives to officially form a group, the bands are influenced by the music of Cameo, Earth Wind & Fire, and The Jackson’s.


Essentially, Corey’s album, ‘Gold Soul’ was recorded in his room and a small office in his church but the lead single he titled ‘Sophisticated’ was recorded at Red Amp studio in Richmond where he lived. Being a fan of Michael Jackson, Corey, and two of his band members, Carl the electric guitarist and Alvin the bass guitarist were listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’ song and had the idea to revitalize the song to that of the current ‘Off The Wall song. The album which comes with 10 songs is as follows in order of sequence. The first song on the album is ‘Sophisticated’ followed by, ‘Outta Touch’, ‘Like We Got’, ‘Waste Your Time’, ‘Love Of My Life, ‘Try It’ as the sixth song and following with ‘7’ as the seventh song, followed by ‘Ghost’, ‘Fly Away and lastly ‘Wait For You’ as the tenth song.

Corey’s album, ‘Gold Soul’ has made his audience know what Corey is really about in his singing journey because he has proven to them in this latest project of it. Stream ‘Gold Soul’ today, it is out on digital platforms. Enjoy it with the link below.

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