Jeff Michael Feat Friendship Cat – Home

“Home” is out now featuring friendship cat

Artist: Jeff Michael feat Friendship Cat

Track: Home

Our song is about going back home but not in a usual way. It’s about getting back to the better parts of you. So many of us have going through a lot of change during the pandemic. Home is often a safe place, some place we feel comfortable. I think so many of us are trying to get back to that place so I think the song is relatable from that standpoint.

ENJOY “Home”


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The title of the song “HOME”makes you think deep.its really good to enjoy good music from this two talent, but the band has their main influences; James Taylor,Ray lamontage, The beatles,John Mayer,Coldplay,Chris Stapleton,Wood brothers,Brandi Carlisle

Every member of the band has important roles this project

Jeff Michael -Guitar, vocals

Friendship cat – vocals ,cello, Upright bass


Friendship cat and Jeff Michael started this project when they took a songwriting class during the covid -19 pandemic. They bonded because they were both from the east coast and they both appreciated organic heartfelt music.

Notable shows/events/festivals by Jeff Michael and friendship cat

Jeff was in LA from 2003-2016,he played the rainbow viper room, the hotel cafe,the pig N’whistle , the rainbow Bar and grill and many other spots.

Friendship cat also performed in the Lancaster, Pa area,tomorrow night at phantom power in millersvile, PA, also won the battle of the bands a few years back at the Appalachian string Band music festival many years with band called old front liberation front.

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