Noralyn is Untouchable on “Slow Thinker” Album

Noralyn Slow Thinker Album

Noralyn Slow Thinker Album

Slow Thinker an album by Noralyn 

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19 November 2021 (London, UK) Brisbane-based alternative-pop singer-songwriter and pianist Noralyn, has finally released much anticapted Album “Slow Thinker”. This is her first self produced album.

Noralyn makes her mark on ‘Slow Thinker,‘ with a distinct style of indie pop dominated by piano but sprinkled with electronic elements interspersed throughout the ethereal and atmospheric composition. Her voice flows down like raindrops off the intricacy of the keys. Her vocal range is put on full display right away in the opening track.

Noralyn Slow Thinker Album

The way she expresses herself here, saying “I’m a slow, slow thinker,” quickly drew me into the track’s oppressive and menacing atmosphere. The pace picks up a notch on ‘Education,’ as the song shifts to a more standard up-tempo indie pop melody. However, it is via Noralyn’s use of the piano that she is able to distinguish her style as something to be admired.

Noralyn moves between fragile and emotional compositions with grandeur and restraint throughout her nine-track collection. More power pop songs like ‘Girls & Boys’ and quiet ballads like ‘Fiction Borders’ give the album its distinct journey-driven flow. The album’s final tune may be the most majestic and addictive on the entire album.

The single has already received a lot of attention, but the arrangement is simply mouth-watering. The way Noralyn develops the tension, gradually adding more and more parts, it builds and swells until it reaches a roaringly strong and cathartic crescendo.

A piece of indie pop that is both original and thorough in its execution. Ballads, power pop, and more, all with a vocal talent to admire and piano work to get lost in.

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