DoosC Releases New Single “Skalice”

DoosC - Skalice


Phenomenal music composer and producer from Luxembourg returns with the release of his new single, “Skalice” The Honey Pop exclusively premiered the new track and called it “out-of-this-world.”

“Skalice” arrives on the heels of DoosC’s debut single, which was released in early 2022. In contrast to the had pop that featured prominently on the track, DoosC’s newest single taps into a more maximalist pop-rock sound. Filled with driving drums, anthemic production and deliciously infectious pop hooks, “Skalice” represents the beginning of a fresh chapter for this rising artist.

Expanding on what inspired the track, he says: “Creativity thrives with constraints and DoosC refined this to an art. By setting up a random place on the world map before starting a new track, this gives DoosC a framework for expressing his creativity, drawing inspiration from the place and its musical traditions, but also allowing
unexpected ideas to emerge as he explores. Skalice is the name of a small village near Praha (Prague) in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic (central Europe). Happy folk music, soothing forests, animals like deer and hinds, welcome to Skalice. Don’t be fooled though, Skalice is a modern piece of music in the melodic house genre, with a steady tempo of 127bpm and beautiful, emotionally rich electronic sounds. This is the original 3.5 minute version (release date is set to January 14), and an extended version of over 6 minutes will be available around February 2022 with exclusive additions and new parts..”

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