Interview: BTAV – Time For U 2 Go

“I’m wired up, I don’t want you, it’s time for you to go…” BTAV begins his debut song Time For U 2 Go with a complex and lengthy “you,” performed and edited to a cosmic frequency and fused with keys that completely encompass us.

BTAV continues the story with the vulnerable “I couldn’t read the signs, I don’t know why I let you in this time…”, detailing the story of a breakup and moving on from an ex, with vocal production evocative of some of Kanye West’s greatest work. Our protagonist wants to move on from their old muse and seeks a future of freedom and peace, despite the fact that the story is originally seen as melancholy in the EDM production.

“I believe this might be a significant release for me,” BTAV, who hails from Baltimore, Maryland, said of the song. “It reminds me of some of the older Chainsmokers songs, but with a stronger house feel.”

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BTAV is a House Music Producer born in Baltimore, but raised in Forest Hill, Maryland. He focuses primarily on producing House Music. His signature pop, catchy, joyful sound is similar to artists such as Galantis, Loud Luxury, and Sigala.

In 2015 he didn’t know what DAW to use, so he sent an Instagram DM to his idol at the time “DJ Carnage.” To his surprise, he got a response to his question and ever since then his love for Electronic Dance Music hasn’t stopped growing. Through the span of 4 years he has dabbled with many subgenres of EDM, until he realized his passion for House Music. BTAV has had some success since 2015 under an old stage name. However, he decided to take the whole year of 2020 off to refocus his vision and make new music under a different name. Under the new name “BTAV” he plans to release House Music that is catchy, memorable, and most of all, fun.

Being an African American House producer and DJ, he has always been proud of his culture, but has had times where he has felt unique. Growing up in Forest Hill, Maryland has also played a part in his outsider mentality. When tough times arrived, he used music as a way to cope. He not only hopes for his music to bring joy, but to also bring inspiration.

Today we had a chance to interview BTAV about his journey into the music industry and his freshly released single, “Time For U 2 Go”.

I got into music around middle school and listened to a lot of hard rap music. The production side of things started my senior year of high school because of a friend.

Unfortunately, none

I see myself touring with a vibrant fanbase

If I could play one, the piano

None, I think playing any would be beneficial

Hearing what fits the vibe of the song and what doesn’t


As of right now, Sigala

Getting more confident in my mixing, and knowing exactly why I’m doing something when I’m mixing

Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, working out, and a football podcast with my Dad

Finding a sample and building the song upon that. However, I want to change that method for a few songs to push my creative process

The most fun I’ve had would be house parties. I last performed for my friend’s fraternity at West Virginia University. There isn’t a lot of opportunities to play in Maryland, but I’m working to buy a Pioneer so I can start Djing on professional equipment.

I found some cool chords, and realized it had potential for a nice pop/edm song

Diplo, his name comes to mind in the edm scene as someone who pushes for new sounds and ideas

My best friend. He motivates me and watching how hard he works makes me push myself. Not just about music, but how I carry myself in life

I’ve only gave little advice to those who have reached out

I haven’t performed enough to have one yet

I would just finish the set out and learn from it

Alone, even though collabing is really big at the moment. It’s hard to work fast and at the pace I want to when someone has their own work, or maybe doesn’t take the project as seriously as you do.

My dream venue is Bootshaus

Just listening to music that I wish I had made

Not pushing myself when the ideas aren’t there. When I’m in a creative state, I will soak it up 100% because that moment may never come back


Favorites: Future House, Pop, Rap, Progressive House,
Dislike: Tech House, Slap House

The biggest difference is that many minorities aren’t making the kind of music I’m making. The second would be that I will always stick to my style of a catchy piano, synth, etc. within a popular genre or current sound. It will always sound like a BTAV record.

My newest song right now is Love, Luv, Lov, so comparing Time For U 2 Go to that I’d say shows variation within the same genre being House. Both are catchy but Time For U 2 Go probably vibes with those who like House songs of back then, whereas Love, Luv, Lov is more for those who like where House is currently.

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