Interview: Chase Bennett feat Cole Bennett – Toxic

Chase Bennett feat Cole Bennett - Toxic

Chase Bennett Released “Toxic” Song featuring Cole Bennett

Chase Bennett is an Upcoming Artist from Indiana with a unique style. Since starting music in 2015, he has risen to new levels of success by consistently dropping new songs for all types of listeners. His versatility and constant positivity keeps the fans fully engaged in his presence. Switching back and forth between sweet, slow melodies and catchy rap flows without a hiccup gives him an advantage when taking over a song — offering up these smooth transitions over crisp beats leaves the listener drawn in and wanting more. While staying genuine to who he is as a happy individual, Chase Bennett puts out music that makes the fans feel good when they’re listening to it. Someone you’ll want to watch out for.

We were able to have a quick interview with Chase Bennett about his latest released, titled “Toxic” (feat. Cole Bennett).

I got into music mainly because of my dad. He always showed me important aspect of music and I took a liking to it.

I don’t play any instruments unless you consider vocals an instrument haha.

In 10 years I hope to be thriving off of my music. I don’t need to be the biggest artist in the world, I just want to live comfortably off my music.

If i had to choose, I would say the piano. I love the sound.

Any of them i sound bad on.

My greatest strength as an artist would be my versatility. I can make a song in almost any genre.

My biggest weakness as an artist would definitely be my fear of rejection. I get nervous to put out music because I’m not sure it will be interpreted well.

My favorite artist is 100% Drake.

My proudest accomplishment as an artist would have to be my song “Amen!” hitting one million streams this year on Spotify.

Outside of music I enjoy playing video games, going to new restaurants and generally just kickin’ it with my friends.

I try to stay loose when I’m recording. Have a couple drinks and let the music take me where it needs to go. I never write anything down its all punch-in freestyles.

I haven’t performed anywhere live if that’s what you’re meaning, but I do have a show coming up May 27th in my hometown.

Toxic came about from an all time low in my life. I hated where I was, what I was doing, etc. I was sick of always being in a constant loop of despair. My brother and I were going through some beats one day and this just poured out instantly. I recorded the whole song in my bedroom.

I think it would be really cool to collaborate with some TikTok artists. (Nic D, Stacy Ryan, Nate Good, etc.) Obviously the big dream would be a Drake feature.

My dad has been my most influential mentor. Knowing he’s self made in what he accomplished in life gives me the drive to believe I can do it too.

I have a few other local artists I work with and try to give them game. Its a lot of encouragement and helping them get their music recorded to put out to the world.

Luckily I haven’t experienced this yet.

Just keep the energy high and they’ll come around.

I really enjoy working alone solely for the fact that I often feel like people aren’t as excited as me about music. However, I also enjoy the creative process of bouncing ideas off of another artist.

We will have to wait and find out!

Im inspired by everyday life. The unknown things that could happen at any given time.

Taking breaks for sure. I get stuck in creative ruts and have to fore myself to get out in the world and make something happen so I HAVE something to write about.

Im sure i will when the time comes. I enjoy performing at open mics and karaoke events after a few drinks though.

My favorite genres are Hip-Hop, Pop Punk, and oldies. I don’t dislike any genres of music though.

I differ from other artists in a way that my sound is genuine and spoken from real life experiences. I’m just a normal kid and I want other people like me to know they can do this too.

The last two songs I dropped are relatively similar in genre, however, “Toxic” is more from the heart and not just something I wanted to try my hand at like “Paparazzi” was. I have a good feeling about this new release.

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