INTERVIEW: Dulcie – My Body

DULCIE is a Midlands UK based singer-songwriter who combines soulful R&B vocals and insightful lyricism with feel-good electro pop and funk instrumentation to create a fresh genre-blending sound. Inspired by artists such as Dua Lipa, Anderson Paak, SZA and Amy Winehouse, her music radiates good vibes and is guaranteed to hook you with its irresistibly catchy melodies.

DULCIE studied Songwriting at BIMM Birmingham, She released her debut single Medicate Me on the 25th February 2022 which has since been turning heads in the music industry, getting her onto Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist within a week of release and being praised by numerous reputable music blogs.



Today we had the chance to have exclusive interview with her about her newly released song titled “My Body”. Below is how the interview questions were answered by her.

I first got into music through my parents, I grew up in a very musical family which I’m super grateful for.

I sing and play the guitar

In 10 years id love to be writing for other artists and making money off that, alongside that I’d love to be continuing my own musical projects.



I’d say my greatest strength is my ability to write catchy melodies! I love songwriting and I love it when my songs get stuck in peoples heads!

My weakness would probably be my self doubt, I’m super critical of my music- I’m working on it though!

That’s a hard question! But I love Anderson Paak, Jorja Smith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Amy Winehouse.

My proudest accomplishment so far is my first single release- I managed to get on 4 Spotify editorial playlists and pass 10,000 streams within a few weeks which was amazing!

I love anything creative- art, drama and I also do Sfx makeup.

I’m a very emotionally driven musician so i write the best when I want to express myself. I start with a chord progression on my guitar and try and make some melodies over the top. Then I’ll fit in the lyrics.

I haven’t performed loads yet as a solo artist but I do have a band that I’m part of through my university and I’ve performed with. My favourite performance was when we played a showcase for Raw Power Management that was cool.

I wrote this song in my second year of uni in my room on my acoustic guitar after I’d been out with my friends and been catcalled in a bar. I wanted to express the frustration I had about people just being creepy towards women and feeling like they have the right to make us feel uncomfortable. A while later I brought the song to my friends Tom and Joe who are my producers and worked with them to get the song to sound the way it does today!

Id love to collaborate with Anderson Paak! His music is just so cool and vibey.

I have loads of university lecturers who’ve helped me and inspired me along the way, but Jonny Amos (BIMM Birmingham) has been amazing over the last 3 years and has really helped me find my sound and identity in the industry.

A few years ago I actually gave my younger brother and his friend guitar lessons which was fun- my brother still plays guitar now and is really good!



I used to purely work alone and that was all I knew but as soon as I started at university I began collaborating and now I would never look back! I love working with producers who can do a much better job of creating my sound than I can!


I’m inspired by my family and friends who believe in me, I’m also inspired by my favourite musicians- I look at their success and aim to reach that one day.

I nurture my own creativity by constantly listening to new music and artists, I think it’s important as a commercial artist to keep your finger on the pulse.

I struggle a lot with performance anxiety but the best thing for me is to surround myself with my friends, they will always help calm me down.

I love soul, funk, pop and R&B genres a lot- they inspire my own music- I also love rock music, however I don’t really listen to much country music- it isn’t really my thing.

I’d say I stand out by mixing a range of genres to create my sound- I also have been told I have a pretty distinct voice.

I still love my first single! They’re both great in their own ways- this new song is a bit more dancey which I like though!


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