Interview: Fleur Lion – I Already Am

Fleur Lion - I Already Am

Surviving adversity, learning to cope with despair, and forging one’s own path amid criticism and rejection served as inspiration and a deciding factor in deciding to pursue a career as an artist. Fleur Lion believes it is even more vital to seek the connection when she has big dreams: she wants to let listeners know that they are not alone on their life path, that everyone has an inner strength.

Fleur Lion’s first song, I Already Am, is grand, emotional, and atmospheric, and it’s clear what you’ll receive from her. Taking courage from the depths and persevering in your own path despite constant rejection. In experimental pop songs with enticing hooks, the Dutch singer-songwriter frankly shares her experiences and life lessons. This is also true of her exciting new song, which will be available on Spotify starting March 14th.


Fleur Lion (born Fleur de Leeuwe) is a Dutch singer-songwriter who was born in the Netherlands. Fleur Lion’s sound is uplifting and emotionally nuanced, with lovely, soaring vocals and a powerful pop sensibility, driven by her desire to translate her personal experiences of suffering and depression into something beautiful and motivating for her listeners. Fleur Lion, who was born and raised in Amsterdam, began singing as a youngster and pursued her passion for music throughout her adolescence, even enrolling in college to pursue music studies. When her career followed a different path, the singer-songwriter struggled with profound despair, unaware of who she was or what she wanted out of life. To get through it, she decided to go into the studio and start writing music, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Today we had a chance to interview Fleur Lion about her journey into the music industry and her freshly released song, “I Already Am”.

I always enjoyed music since I was a little kid. I enjoyed listening to songs on the radio. When I was 8 years old, I took piano lessons and a view years later singing lessons.

I play piano and a bit guitar. I tell myself that I have to practice guitar a lot more.

I want to have released many music and also an EP/album. I hope to perform a lot on big stages and have many supportive fans. At last I want to be signed to a record label.

I write and sing songs about my past experiences in my life. Pain and taking back your power and place in this world are the main subjects.
It is a way of processing my past.

I am currently in a growth process to get more fame as an artist. I do and manage almost everything alone. It is okay and I am learning about this profession every day. But the beginning is the hardest part.

I am a huge fan of Kimbra. She has inspired me a lot through my music journey. But there are so many artists that I really like and have inspired me. Making a choice is kinda difficult.

I am very happy that I released my first single ‘I Already Am’. It is my first own music that I released. A month later I released the cover ‘Hey World’ I think I am very proud of my perseverance and hard work.

I like to be creative. I love to draw and paint. Having deep conversations with my friends, going out to eat with loved ones and immerse myself in spirituality.

It depends of my creative proces which is always different. Suddenly I can have the inspiration to start writing, or I have an idea and I save it for later.
Sometimes an idea has been around for a long time and I start working on it a year later. I’ve found my own twist in songwriting and it’s not so much from point A to point B. I’ve been practicing songwriting from an early age. In recent years I have also experimented a lot. I also do a lot of research and listen to different music, artists and new sounds that inspire me to write music.

‘I Already Am’ is about being constantly rejected as a singer. That started from my college in music that I have followed after high school.
But I began writing the song when I was rejected for a music tv show what I signed up for. They could not really give the exact reason. But I think is was because they thought that I was not interesting enough for making a ‘propely’ tv show. All the happenings made me very isecure. First I wrote the chords and the lyrics. After that I worked with a producer and I gave my ideas about how I wanted it to sound like. That is how I Already Am is created.

There are many artist who I would like to collab with, but artistically I choose Kimbra or Stromae.

When I’m working on my own ideas and music, everything has to be very specific as I have in my mind. I don’t like it if someone else would change it in their point of view. Or I have to stand behind their ideas for 100%. Although I am curious and open minded to suggestions and ideas from others. I’m flexible and not so much the hardest and collaborations with other artists or producers in the future would be great!

I am a huge fan of Kimbra. She has inspired me a lot through my music journey. But there are so many artists that I really like and have inspired me. Making a choice is kinda difficult.
I get very inspired by certain sounds. I also partly produce music and I always look for specific sounds that I like an can use. But also things about mental health such as depression inspire me. This is because I have lived with this a lot in the past.

I think a lot about my past life and life itself. Also stories about what people experience. I’m always looking for new ideas in certain sounds. But actually, I’ve always been creative and full of ideas, so it always comes naturally.

My favourite music genres are very diverse. I have to say I mostly like all genres.

This is a tough question. I just do what I like and where I believe in. I actually try not to look at the diffrences and commons of other artists. I just focus on myself and my own journey in music.

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