Le Fleur – Candy

Le Fleur - Candy

“Le Fleur brings passionate vocals and gritty, hard hitting funk grooves, recalling the acid jazz scene of the early ’90s, the sugar of chart-topping 80’s pop, and the pure funk of the ’70s.”

(March 18, 2022 – London, UK) Candy is Le Fleur is back with a groovy new tune. The lines between funk, jazz, and pop are blurring, resulting in sing-along tunes, powerful grooves, and unrivalled smoothness. All of this and more may be found in Le Fleur.

Le Fleur delivers impassioned vocals and gritty, hard-hitting funk grooves to Candy, as they do with all of their work, evoking the acid jazz scene of the early ’90s, the sweetness of chart-topping 80’s pop, and pure funk of the ’70s. All of this is wrapped up in a sequined wrapper, tossed into the present, and blended with Le Fleur’s distinct originality and voice.

Candy has the precise tone you expect it to have. The upbeat, funky groove grabs your attention right away and makes you want to dance. The powerful vocals of Le Fleur hook you right away. The voices have a typically gentle tone to them.

Le Fleur is a Melbourne-based artist whose lyricism and narrative tackle subjects such as society, love, sexuality, and social issues through the prism of her lived experience as a queer mixed race Black woman. Le Fleur’s latest track Candy explores similar topics while heavily leaning towards disco and dance, displaying an overwhelming desire to return to the stage and command the dance floor.


The song’s bridge, which has sing-along layered harmonies and a drum rhythm that made me want to dance, was one of my favourites. The song’s shape is quite nostalgic, and it gives off some pastel-colored sensations. Furthermore, the instrumentals, particularly the percussion and synth parts, form a unique blend that distinguishes Le Fleur. The music is both catchy and modern, as well as nostalgic.

Candy by Le Fleur is an excellent addition to any dance party mix. Candy is an instant mood shift that fits nicely into Le Fleur’s catalogue, and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

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