New Music: Tess Liautaud – On The Cusp

“On The Cusp” is a long track that floats through for more than three minutes until things pick up. You’re engulfed by a heartfelt performance that you can tell originates from Tess Liautaud’s heart before the change of pace. Then, when the gears shift, we go from this light folk track to one that incorporates a touch more country, similar to what you’d hear from Natalie Maines of The Chicks when she goes for a more acoustic punch.

Sometimes simply hearing the first few chords of a song is enough to fully engulf you. ‘On the cusp,’ by Tess Liautaud, feels like a breath of fresh air, a cool breeze, and a warm fire in the dead of winter. It’s as personal, vulnerable, and expressive as it’s ever been. The Franco-American folk singer has a gift with words that is maybe surpassed by her melodic awareness, which is evident not just in her performance but also in the subtleties of the acoustic work.

‘On the cusp’ is about change and transition at its core. Writing as someone who is in the midst of a transitional period in their own life, on the point of letting go of one life and beginning a new one, its message resonated with me strongly, reassuring me while also empathising with my predicaments. A beautifully melodic modern folk song.

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Tess Liautaud lived all around the world before settling in New Zealand, including in New York City and Liverpool. She quickly established herself as a regular in Paris, France. She was a mainstay in the local scene, performing most evenings throughout the city. She’s finally pursuing new endeavours after years of performing live. “Breezy As” was her debut single, which she released in the year 2022. In comparison to her recent earnestness, the beat is a touch more vivacious. Both songs will be featured on her debut album, which will be released on June 17th.

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram as rockyraccoon_tess.

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