New Song: KØASH – Dominoes

KØASH, a UK-based musician, is old-school but also modern in his music, bringing the eclectic pop sound of the 1980s to the twenty-first century. This singer-songwriter has been perfecting his style for quite some time, having embraced singing and songwriting as a child. We now have the privilege of listening to the evolution. KØASH has been featured in renowned publications such as We Are YMX and Pop Muzik, and he is turning heads all over the world. Join us as we take a look at his debut album, ‘Dominoes.’

‘Dominoes,’ which straddles the line between Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, and Duran Duran, has a modern edginess to its synth-pop design. ‘Dominoes’ has a strong commercial pop tone, yet an afrobeat element provides a toe-tapping beat to the song. While I am not a huge fan of synth-pop, this energetic melody will have you dancing from the first chord. No, I’m not kidding; you can’t listen to ‘Dominoes’ without bopping your head and moving to the music.

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The musical arrangement, produced by Grammy-nominated Daniel John Evans, is soft, mellow, and layered. While the music is captivating in and of itself, the layering of KØASH’s unique vocals emphasises his inventiveness and eclecticism. KØASH’s voice is almost feminine in its delivery, with a falsetto tone that is highly unforgettable. Furthermore, while the song is energetic and joyful, there is a mellow melancholy to it that makes it suitable for dancing while relaxing with a cold beverage.

Today we had a chance to interview KØASH about his journey into the music industry and his freshly released single, “Dominoes”

I want to say it was during high school when I sought shelter from the bullies in the music room but I’m pretty such it goes even further back…I wrote awful songs as a kid for fun, so the interest has always been there.

It will be thriving, I know I will be successful. Manifesting it!

Piano but I don’t tend to play as much anymore as I tend to write vocal melodies to no instruments.

The triangle, c’mon who likes the triangle?

My writing, I can take just about any situation and change it into a song. This leads me to writing some very strange songs at times but they never get released haha.

Doubting myself and comparing myself to others. I try to compare myself to who I was yesterday but I still get those days when I do it, there’s a lot less of them now though.

This changes all the time but right now I haven’t stopped listening to Tate McRae’s latest song.

Just finally getting a song out there that I can be happy with is a huge one. With this being my first single I guess that makes sense.

Fitness, gaming, youtube, toy collecting, photography, fashion and I dabble in crypto/NFTs.

I think of an issue that I want to speak about and talk it out with myself. I then try to tell that story to a chord progression/production. Sometimes the melody just comes in my head without any chords or production. I see lyrics and melodies in nearly everything.

I was in lockdown talking to my best friend about this girl he was seeing. At the time he seemed to think she was perfect for him, but all I could see were red flags. She was dragging him down and it just clicked with me quite instantly that Dominoes would be a perfect metaphor for the whole situation.

I would love to do a song with Tate McRae, Lauv, or Troye Sivan

The internet has everything you need on it.

I’ve helped people with writing lyrics and top lines if that counts?

Never really experienced it but I’d probably just laugh and continue anyway.

I prefer to work alone on the basis of a song idea then present it to my producer, if we both think it’s good enough then we’ll expand on it.

Nearly everything, I hear lyrics in every conversation I have. People say some really amazing things on a daily basis and don’t even realise it.

Knowing when to rest is a crucial one. I try to write a song every single day but it’s so easy to burn out. Taking time out to recharge is so important.

Anxiety and adrenaline feel the same to me. Just tell yourself you’re not anxious but you’re excited and eventually you’ll perceive it differently.

Pop stands the test of time for a reason. As the times change and trends fade, pop icons and classics remain relevant and exciting.

I don’t know of a lot of Palestinian artists doing pop in the United Kingdom, so being able to use my family name as my artist name is pretty cool. Musically I’ve been told my vocals feel familiar but sound different so I suppose that’s pretty cool.

Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram as @iamkoash

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