New Song: Monroe Moon – War

Monroe Moon has returned with an anti-war anthem. The married couple vocalist Bunny Monroe and guitarist Theo Monroe have already been featured on the blog, revealing their lovely, moody, and atmospheric style with hits “Wishing Well” and “Greener.” The two make lovely passionate indie rock music that’s free-flowing, inventive, rich, and colourful, with a sheen of midnight life. While part of the duo’s music is sweet and soothing, the two are also courageously tackling much more real-world issues, and their newest song is one of them.

The song “WAR,” written in 2021 in response to US military engagements around the world, has regrettably taken a whole new dimension of reality today with what’s going on in Ukraine. With the warbling synthline that begins the song and introduces gentle falling guitar harmonies, the sound of a world free of violence, bloodshed, and suffering becomes especially dear to the soul. It’s an anti-war hymn with a music that functions as a painkiller, although a much-needed one, and lyrics that say what’s on the artist’s mind with clear simplicity. In contrast to the song’s generally energetic musical side, it also includes swooping sounds that constantly keep me on edge — it sounds just like a distorted reverbed sound of a distant bomb alarm trumpet.

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Instead of curdling your blood with graphic imagery, “WAR” seeks to get its message delivered to a wretched soul seeking something to ease the pain through a much more direct road to a wretched soul seeking something to ease the pain through the vibrancy of this single’s instrumental side combined with her vocals make the song really captivating and smooth for its anti-war theme. Given the number of those souls still alive, this song has become a much-needed one to embrace, both in terms of meaning and sound.

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