Pietro Pittari Releases New Music Titled “Hymn to Nikkal”

Pietro Pittari Hymn to Nikkal song

Sunday November 2, 2021 (London, England) Award winning pianist Pietro Pittari has finally released his awaited track “Hymn To Nikkal,” on saturday 6 November.

Hymn to Nikkal is Pietro Pittari’s last ‘piano painting,’ an arrangement of the world’s oldest surviving full work of notated music, the 3400-year-old Hurrian Hymn N.6, discovered on a clay tablet in Ugarit in the 1950s (Syria). It’s a hymn about the goddess Nikkal, whose name means “Great Lady and Fruitful.”

Pietro’s piano music is a type of storytelling: he converts his own imagery into sounds that transport listeners on a soul-healing journey.

“I see my piano style somewhere between Ludovico Einaudi and Yiruma… but finally every artist has got his own personal touch. I would say, I make film music, but the film exists in my own fantasy”

Born in Conegliano in 1970, he began composing and improvising at a young age, acquiring both classical and popular music at the same time. He received top scores in three classical piano degrees: Venice, Hannover, and Trossingen.

While doing classical performances in Germany, Italy, and Sweden, he has recently focused on performing his own piano pieces.
He refers to his works as “piano paintings,” which are autobiographical compositions involving dreams, events, and actual people. They’ve been hailed by both audiences and reviewers alike, and they’re written in a manner that’s in between film music and romantic piano.

Pietro Pittari has won the renowned German award “Deutscher Rock & Pop-preis” in the categories of Best New Age Album (“Sunrise”), Best New Age Song (“A new day”), and Best Instrumental Soloist on many occasions.

Hymn To Nikkal by PietroPittari

Pietro Pittari Hymn to Nikkal song

Hymn to Nikkal a song by Pietro Pittari

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