“Someone To Forget” Song By Pariz Is Finally Out

pariz someone to forget

Pariz Becomes Emotional In Her New Song, “Someone To Forget”.

Living in the United States, Pariz is a Texas-based music producer. The 22-year-old producer is an expert in production and is seen on this new single of hers. He is committed and writes music with the least chance he gets whenever he is down or feeling depressed. To him, music has a great role in his life.


January 14th, 2022 reveals the release of Pariz’s new single, “Someone To Forget”. A song he wrote whiles thinking about his emotions and what he has gone through in life with someone he had loved in the past. As Pariz writes music from people’s inspirations, he also writes based on what he feels and what he remembers. On this track, Pariz sets the story line to think about a special person in his life that left, this must be very heartbreaking. Reminiscing on the experience with the person he lost, Pariz is looking for a way to forget about this person and move on with his life to a better destination since the dream of creating memories with his lover got shattered along the line. Though he was optimistic about the future with the person he loves, it looks like things did not go as expected, this made him feel brokenhearted and he decides to move on with his life.

“Someone To Forget”, also carries the story of all the sacrifices you have made for someone you love whether good or bad regardless of the situation and now you got to move on. When you find yourself in such a situation, Pariz through this song is encouraging you not to lose faith in yourself. Being the producer of his song, he built the song with a strong baseline, captivating drums, and vocals.

Check this new release out with the link here.

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