The Couple Duo, Sunset + Mine Drops New Single “Honey Let’s Go”

Sunset + Mine Shares Love Story In Their New Song.

Today’s featured single is centered on a thrilling love story between the husband and wife synth-pop duo, officially known as Sunset + Mine. They are fresh artists from Washington D.C in the United States. “Honey Let’s Go” is the latest single from the duo and is very addictive with its influencing love message. The couple for years has always wanted to be on the same track and has finally accomplished that mission in their life by coming out with “Honey Let’s Go” together.


“Honey Let’s Go”, Sunset + Mine debut single, was released on January 14th, 2022. The duos latest is a song about the couple’s cruise in their love life. As Valerie and Rocco Repetski, now Sunset + Mine, are doing music as a couple, they share their adventure as they both grew in different places but are finally together as a couple and is now touring the world together after falling for each other in a jam session they had not prepared for. They share also the romantic encounters they have experienced and how it feels to be loved and cherished by someone you admire. “Honey Let’s Go” is a song that urges the young to fall in love and create memories. Regardless of your location, Sunset + Mine is telling you love has no boundaries and that you could be apart from someone and still be loved.

Ian Charlie, a producer from Los Angeles, with his skills in music production, merged Valerie’s smooth vocals and Rocco’s hook-laden melodies with driving beats and finally concluded on producing the song. Take a minute of your time and listen to this amazing tune from the couple duo and you might also want to fall in love as they have composed a strong love story. Listen with the link below.

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