“The Worm Turns” – Debut Single From Matthew Liam Nicholson

Matthew Liam Nicholson is a new artist elevating from the streets of California in the United States but turns out to be Australian. Since last year, Liam Nicholson has stepped up his writing skills and has impressively released some projects with loads of them still in the box. Not long ago, California-based Australian artist, Liam Nicholson dropped his profused deliberation instrumental album titled “Nine Movements” with support from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Nino who is better known to be wise men in jazz. Liam Nicholson in his career as an artist has headed several bands like Outshine Family and Function Ensemble.

With no exception, “The Worm Turns” is a numbered track on his “Nine Movements” body of work. “The Worm Turns” was released on 13th January 2022 and is the artist’s first single this year alongside its music video. The main concept of this single is the message Liam Nicholson is trying to tell the world. “The Worm Turns” is the song that puts together our trauma of global awakening during these tough days. Also in the song, Liam Nicholson encourages his listeners to never give up but should strive and there will be light at the end for them. He urges them to keep looking up and have a belief that the sky above them will bring them to hope whether day or night.

Proving his recognition as a singer and songwriter as seen by many, Liam Nicholson’s song “The Worm Turns” is proof to show how distinguishing his writing skills could be. It is an exceptional song. In the chorus, Liam Nicholson entails it with nice melodies and edifying guitar that sounds more like a piece of pop music.

Listen to “The Worm Turns” on Spotify with the link below.


“Keep looking up –
you know the stars above us
are hung in your light,
day and night..”


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