Interview: Bineal Roy – Maybe

Bineal Roy, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has released his first single, “Maybe,” which features an unusual blend of Pop melodies with light RnB influences. Music enthusiasts will undoubtedly be intrigued by the guitar solo, which is my personal favourite portion of the song. The lyrical flow is significantly more flowing. The words are well-spaced, allowing listeners to quickly enter into the mood of the song. The mood is kept upbeat and upbeat. Even the voice delivery is correct, and the mood generated by the instruments is properly suited. The atmosphere is really laid-back, which will attract listeners to get into the rhythm. The atmosphere would persuade us to proceed.

The guitar passages, as previously said, are the song’s driving force and are what keep the song’s pulse running. Even the drums and bass kept the atmosphere alive with their fluid transitions and groove patterns. Warmth is added to the arrangements by the E. Piano, making them feel more full. When it comes to vocals, they are outstanding. I was intrigued by the use of falsetto, which is quite pleasant to listen to. The harmonies merge together wonderfully in the chorus, making the section sound so complete. Overall, the structure is very fluid and contains many interesting aspects. The solo enters the stage well and transitions to the big chorus with ease. The music would be played over and over by the listeners.

Today we had a chance to interview Bineal Roy about his journey into the music industry and his freshly released single, “Maybe”.

When I started expanding my musical tastes as a teenager and got into bands like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles I was inspired to start playing guitar.

Guitar, bass, drums, piano, ukulele. I dabble a little bit with harmonica. My next single also has me playing mandolin and glockenspiel!

I hope to be able to make a living solely through making music and playing gigs. Tough, as the industry has been completely flipped by streaming and Covid-19. I’d love to have released 2-3 albums in that time though.

Bass! I initially wanted to play bass but bought a guitar instead because I figured bass would be a bit less fun to practice on my own but I love the power, groove and thump of a well-timed bassline.

Tough question, I enjoy them all but perhaps the small frets on the mandolin are the most annoying.

Diversity. I rarely write the same song twice and always strive to create something different from the previous effort with different chords, rhythms and arrangements.

Perfectionism! Wanting to get things 100% correct can really slow down my output. Sometimes it’s better to just go with what comes out in the moment.

So many worthy names. Probably Paul McCartney. He’s written more great songs than lots of other great artists put together. He also thrived even after The Beatles, playing most instruments himself and he’s one of the most diverse artists too, which I love. Special mentions to Stevie Wonder and Prince for similar reasons.

So far, my band Adaptors’ second EP, ‘Out of This World’, released in 2019.

I love cooking, reading and movies but usually if I’m not playing or composing music, I’m listening to it and reading and/or writing about it.

This varies from song to song. Generally, it’ll start with an idea (could be a melody, a guitar riff, a lyric or even a drum beat) and then I’ll try different arrangements around that basic idea until the song is fleshed out. Sometimes a song can take years to write, sometimes less than an hour!

I actually wrote the song quite a while ago but from memory, a good chunk of it came altogether (lyrics, melody and chords). Then I would have fleshed out and finished the music before writing more lyrics to fill the song.

My dream collaboration would probably be a duet with Norah Jones.

I’m mostly self-taught but my high school music teacher Anthony Cardillo-Zallo was very helpful in my early stages of learning composition.

I like to get the bulk of a song done on my own and then open to more ideas to help finish it off. It’s a lot harder working collaboratively from scratch but I feel a good collaboration is always more rewarding.

I think that art is about perspective and opening people’s minds up to different possibilities and ideas. Good art can make a person really open-minded, accepting and kind and I think exposure to that kind of art is essential in the process of being and becoming a good person. Essentially, I find the ability of art to influence a person’s worldview inspirational.

Try to work less when I can. Lots of people glorify ‘the hustle’ but the truth is too much work simply kills creativity. A tired mind will also struggle to create.

I think my aspiration to be as diverse as possible and make each song in a different style. Many other artists will come up with a distinct sound present on all of their songs, whereas I’d like to sound like a different artist on each song!

My previous work with my band Adaptors has a bit more of a rocky edge (as to be expected from a full band). The music was probably a bit more dense and the lyrics and themes a little bit stronger but if you like ‘Maybe’ you should definitely check out Adaptors!

Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram as binealroy

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