Chris Hart New Song “So Easy” Made Headlines

“It’s about my own struggle with anxiety”, Chris Hart Talks About His Song.

From playing the guitar when he was only 10 years old, Chris Hart is a rising artist from the streets of Atlanta who writes and produces his songs since he plays several instruments and has mastered music theory. Before deciding to do music fully, Chris gained inspiration from well-known artists who in the history of music have records. Some of these arts include Justin Timberlake, Charlie Puth, Prince, and John Mayer. Before 2021 came to an end, Chris decided not to let the year go without giving his fans their last token for the year, he then decided to release an amazing song titled “So Easy” on the 17th of the last month and is having his fans electrified.

“So Easy” as written and produced by Chris Hart also the artist, is a song that talks about Chris’ uneasiness and toil. Although the song somehow describes how love can set Chris free so he becomes the best of himself, he made the song so unique that makes everyone fit in the song. This is because according to Chris when anyone feels like his or her world is crashing down, there is always someone to rescue and make you feel like the king or queen you were. He believes this could be done romantically or it could be just a mere assistance someone wants to aid you with and make life “So Easy” for you. Also, in the concept of the song, Chris hits on collapsed relationships. He urges the brokenhearted not to feel down and shed tears because there is a soulmate around to make their love lives better with happiness and comfort.

From writing and producing this song in his bedroom, Chris also mixed it. “So Easy” has been out on the digital stores for a while and still needs to be heard by millions. Visit the Spotify app with the link below and get to stream this great piece by Chris Hart.


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