Interview: [[]]togethermachine – Inner City Groove vol.1 (Full Album)

Studio outfit for drummer Marcel van As (Coparck/Spinvis) making tracks since the 2000’s but until now only for his own listening enjoyment in his car. Heavily influenced by David Holmes, DJ Shadow, Beach House, Prince and Miles Davis (a.o) he released his debutalbum ‘[[]]” last november 2020, to critical acclaim 2021 saw the release of yet another project ,inspired by beats Dutch drummer Mischa Porte posted to the internet during lockdown number 1, exactly one year ago on it’s release. For 70 days Mischa Porte played his lockdown blues away, for everyone to use freely. Marcel clinged on for more than 20 days and posted a track inspired by the beat of the day, everyday at 21:00h sharp. This EP is a selection of those tracks. Marcel started out as a drummer for Rotterdam based Handsome 3some, releasing an album and an EP with EMI/Parlophone in 1999/2000. After that he played drums for Coparck between 2003 and 2010. Always interested in combining electronics with acoustic drums, he started out programming beats and learn more about drummachines and samplers. This combination attracted the attention of Dutch well-known singer Spinvis, who asked him to join his band. Marcel is playing for Spinvis since 2010, touring Holland and Belgium ever since and in the future.

We got the chance to interview [[]]togethermachine about their recent released album “Inner City Groove vol.1

Going to a festrival, i met this cool guy from school. I waas 14. He stayed over and saw this drum in my room. I had been taking lessons earlier, but quit. He asked me if i could play.. i told him “yes” hahahaa. Not true. But as it turned out, they sucked too 🙂

I play drums, i sing, i play keys and produce in DAW and (drum)machines

In ten years i’ll be in my 60’s.. i’l be doung what i do now, hopefully with lots more listeners.

Drums and drummachines

I have a hate/love relation with my voice

I am determined, i set my mind to things. I try to make something beautiful each day.. as little… try to make something beautiful every day.

weakness… i tend to work too long on tracks.


I’m 50+ and am still in the live business as a player in a quite popular group (spinvis/holland) Most people of my age don’t anymore. Besides that i’m building something with [[]]togethermachine

Reading, watching series/movies, go out

I made this album wirth @prtr_jan. What you hear are his initial ideas made on iPad..i turned those great ideas into tracks. He was the inspiration.

[[]]togethermachine does not play live. yet? But as a live musician, bandmember of Spinvis there have been highlights. This band is so fun to be in, beautiful songs, great players.

@prtr_jan makes sound collages on iPad. He just got back into making music and i liked what he posted on Twitter: 30 second – clips of audio with vague but great video. I asked for the stems and began working on making 2-3min. tracks out of his collages. What you here is his initial idea, worked out..sometimes completely changed, lots of times left untouched but evolved.

I’m a big fan of David Holmes. I would love to watch over his shoulder to see how he does things, collaborate on tracks would be a dream come true. But he does not really need me.

I think Prince.

I am a teacher at Herman Brood Academie. I teach young musicians.

I was not really happy with how i played last night.

Don’t be discouraged or don’t be angry with disinterested audiences. Just do the best you can.

I love to work alone on collaborations 🙂 I love We transfer.

Concert halls for around 1000-1500 people. And outside festivals in not well-know Belgium small villages in the summer.

I nurture it by listening to lots of music, read and fins inspiration online as well in YT, interviews, of finding gear. Buying new gear always gives me a new track

Sometimes, ofcourse. Mostly no, but sometimes gigs are big, gigs are important. Anxiety is not fright. I can function…only i have to breath deep a lot 🙂

I love old Soul, alternative rock, indie, electronics, hiphop. I dislike bad music.. i can’t dislike styles, sometimes they are just not for me.

I don;t.. we just are all different people, so wel all differ.

I try to progress every day. I loved the track i released a few montsh ago. It’s just different. I do lost of different genres, so i hope you keep following me where ever i go. Thank you for this opportunity

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